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7 Jul 2017

De-clutter Your Life and Help the Planet - At the Same Time!


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Posted By Tommie A.

People are always looking for a way to de-clutter and simplify their lives. There are lots of little steps that you can take to reduce the clutter and the waste in your life. If you are concerned about the amount of waste that each person produces each day, week after week, month after month, year after year - then consider what you can do to help alleviate some of the waste produced.

Here are some simple ideas that you can use to help to reduce your carbon footprint on our planet.

* Use cloth napkins

Paper napkins and paper towels are the norm in many households. Not only are paper towels expensive, but they create so much trash. If you find yourself reaching for a paper towel to dry your hands or wipe up spilled water, instead of the kitchen towel, then it may be time to reconsider your habits. Cloth napkins are making a comeback. Cloth napkins can be made from an array of fun cotton material and need only to be rewashed to use again. No more filling up your wastebasket with mounds of paper towels, when your cloth napkins can do the work. Not only are cloth napkins a great way to replace a strong dependency on paper towels, but it can make dinner time and all other meals just a little nicer!

* Use re-usable grocery bags or picnic baskets

Re-using grocery bags or purchasing re-usable grocery bags are nothing new. If re-using your plastic bags and paper bags seems a little unsavory, then you should consider getting pretty patterned bags to use in place of just re-using old bags. Many department stores carry these designer bags that are not only easy on the eyes, but will make shopping much more pleasant.

Another alternative to using re-usable bags is to find a cool picnic basket that you can use instead of bags. Many picnic baskets can be found that are about the same size as grocery hand baskets found in the supermarkets. A picnic basket can be a great way to shop easier; simply empty out your items to be scanned before placing it right back in the basket. This can also be a great option if you often purchase fruits and vegetables and would rather not carry all your vegetables in plastic bags. Carrying your fruits and vegetables in your picnic basket is a great way to also reduce the plastic bag use that is so prevalent in the produce section of grocery stores.

* Use re-usable water bottles

Plastic water bottles are not only expensive to purchase, but they are filling up our landfills at an alarming rate. Consider how many plastic water bottles you may have tossed out over the last year? To simplify things, let's say you used one a day, that's 365 plastic bottles that will be tossed out - just by one person! If you find yourself guilty of tossing out water bottles like they are going out of style, then consider getting a refillable metal canteen. Metal canteens are a cleaner and more manageable way to keep your water handy and reduce the waste you create when you purchase, drink, and toss out a plastic bottle of water. Not only are metal canteens a more stylish way to carry water, it is also healthier; no more worrying about the toxins that are found in plastic that have the potential to seep into your water.

These are just a few ideas on how to clean up the clutter in our lives.


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